Walking 100km for your horse

Marianne Stas from the Belgian town of Overijse made the special journey for her horse Ease, who needed surgery but cannot be loaded onto the trailer. She decided to walk the more than 100 kilometers to the specialized equine clinic Equitom. The horse suffers from Wobbler syndrome and the risk is high that he will become paralysed if he does not receive surgery. “We wanted to load Ease onto the horse ambulance,” says Stas, “And he did that wonderfully. But just as we were getting ready to leave, he panicked. Because of his balance problem, he fell and traumatised himself. After that, it was absolutely impossible to load him. The only solution was walking on foot, as Ease is still able to walk in a straight line.” After five days, horse and owner arrived at the Equitom clinic, where surgeon Tom Mariën reports: “It is quite an ordeal to walk such a great distance with a horse. Ease is 1,90m and weighs in at 600kg, he has a balance disorder comparable to being drunk. You can just imagine how great this lady’s heart is for her horse if she is willing to walk 100km on public roads with a such an animal.”

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