WBFSH opens doors to Frisian sport horses

The WBFSH has accepted the Frisian studbook KFPS as a new member. In doing so, the Frisian horse is officially recognised as a sport horse, opening doors for Frisian horses in international competition, including the WBFSH/FEI World Breeding Dressage Championships for young horses. The WBFSH maintains an important relationship with the FEI, which organises the world breeding championships, only allowing young talented horses from WBFSH member studbooks to participate. “The KFPS has lobbied for many years to gain this recognition,” KFPS director Ids Hellinga says. The Frisian horse was labeled as a work or draft horse for many years. “You can laugh about that, but we took it as a sign that we needed more international exposure for the Frisian horse.”
Photo by Hippo Foto
Photo: Chere Burger (RSA) and Adelprag Anders 451 competing in the Grand Prix Team Competition Dressage during the 2014 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games™.

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