Young Riders coming together to collectively change the world

For 18 years, nonprofit organisation JustWorld International has been providing effective solutions to addressing gaps in education for underserved youth living in impoverished communities across the globe. It has been a part of the JustWorld mission to not only address and provide basic needs assistance but to also empower youth to be independent thinkers, problem-solvers, and leaders in their communities. And it’s not just those underserved youth who JustWorld serves; JustWorld, through the organisation’s unique origins within the equestrian community, is reaching a young audience of up-and-coming global movers and shakers in the equestrian sport.

Unique opportunity
With a solid introduction to philanthropy through various JustWorld leadership initiatives, these young equestrians are provided a unique opportunity to learn about, experience, and contribute to a global campaign against poverty. JustWorld connects equestrians around the world; riders can see that everyone has an important part in helping others in need and that together great change can take place. Equestrians of all ages, riding levels, and disciplines are the vehicles of change as they volunteer, raise awareness and act as representatives for JustWorld at horse shows and events, and fundraise for the JustWorld programmes.

JustWorld Ambassador Walid Redouane
Junior Moroccan jumping rider Walid Redouane is one of the thousands of equestrians passionate about changing lives of children around the world through his role as JustWorld Ambassador. He became interested in helping others when he was only eleven years old. “In Morocco, there are a lot of people living in poverty. I would see children begging on the streets. I felt guilty. Why do I have a great quality of life while other children are struggling? They deserve to go to school. They deserve to eat when they are hungry.” Walid was surprised to learn that according to UNESCO, more than one million children have not received primary and secondary education in Morocco. Many children are forced to work menial and grueling jobs to help support their families and survive day to day. Walid wanted to do something but did not know where to start.

Use your voice to help others
While competing at the German Friendships in 2019, Walid met Jessica Newman, JustWorld Founder and President. Learning more about JustWorld and how other riders just like him can make a difference, Walid was instantly inspired to become a JustWorld Ambassador. He shared, “Before JustWorld, I was curious about injustices but JustWorld made me realize that my voice truly helps others and that there are other riders like me who are working together to bring joy to the children at the JustWorld projects.”
Since welcoming Walid as a JustWorld Ambassador, the now fifteen year-old has made huge strides for the organisation. Most incredibly, Walid conducted in-depth research and took initiative to identify potential projects that need funding in Morocco that are aligned with the JustWorld mission, so that more children around the world can benefit from JustWorld support. Walid explained, “I began to really look into poverty statistics in Morocco. The rate of illiteracy, food insecurity and poverty is staggering. My goal is to bring the powerful JustWorld programs to my home. I want to make an impact in my community and contribute to the progress of a cause that is close to my heart.”

The youth are the future
The future lies in the hands of youth, like Walid, who are committed to making a difference around the world. Walid is a testament to the power of the collective equestrian community. Walid encourages other riders to join him, sharing, “Each of us can leave a footprint in this world. Together, our help can be magnified.” The expansion of the JustWorld Ambassador community will in turn allow JustWorld to reach more children, bringing hope for a brighter future.

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